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Legislative Committee Initiatives

Managing Growth and Development in Virginia

On behalf of the Chapter’s Legislative Committee, I hope that you find the attached useful and we solicit any thoughts, ideas or suggestions from the membership as to how we can improve the document and its usefulness to you. Check it out!

APA Virginia Reviews Fundamental Planning Enabling Authority with General Assembly House Committee

APA Virginia offers support to START 

The Statewide Transportation Analysis and Recommendation Task Force (START) is a joint Senate Finance and Senate Transportation subcommittee with fifteen citizen members.  Senators Chichester (Finance) and Hawkins (Transportation) established and are overseeing the work of the Task Force.  The Task Force will develop an action plan to address transportation needs, state and local policy reform, and funding strategies.  From this, legislative and budget proposals will be introduced in the 2006 General Assembly Session.  The Task Force will meet four times between September and December 2005. 

In June 2005, the APA Virginia Board endorsed preparation of a white paper to be sent to the Chairs of START, entitled “Land Use and Sustainable Transportation Financing,” co-authored by Jeryl Rose Phillips, AICP, APA Virginia Legislative & Policy Director and Jana Lynott, AICP, APA Virginia Treasurer.  The paper outlines APA Virginia’s vision for Smarter Growth, which takes many cues from APA’s adopted Policy Guide on Smart Growth on the topic of linking land use and transportation, as well as a draft set of agreement principles for more sustainable development in the Commonwealth being prepared by APA Virginia.  It suggests specific legislative initiatives that APA Virginia believes will encourage more compact development patterns that will save the Commonwealth more than $3 billion in road construction costs over the next 25 years. 

It espouses that better coordination of land use and transportation planning is the precursor to solving our transportation funding crisis. The paper urges the General Assembly to look at transportation financing in a comprehensive manner by establishing the institutional foundation for a strong connection between land use and transportation planning—one where planning and funding decisions are made according to a set of Smart Growth principles, strategies, and evaluation criteria. 

 A CD-ROM of background materials cited in the paper was also sent, which includes:

APA Virginia endorses ‘Safer by Design’ commitment statement with allied organizations

On May 20, 2005, representatives of local, state and national agencies and associations interested in creating safer environments met in Henrico County at a roundtable hosted by the Virginia Crime Prevention Association (VCPA) to discuss ways that they can collaborate to prevent crime and terrorism through secure design.  For many years, Virginia has been a crime prevention leader by incorporating Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles into community policing and community planning.  Yet, some states and national government agencies are just beginning to see the value of using design as a tool to fight crime and terrorism.  The purpose of the roundtable was to bring together key officials from a variety of disciplines to discuss ways they could work together to develop national guidelines that professionals may use in historic preservation, landscape design, lighting design, building design as well as fire protection, crime prevention, homeland security, and community planning. 

APA Virginia was represented on the Roundtable by Jeryl Rose Phillips, AICP, Legislative &  Policy Director, whereat she briefed the Roundtable on APA’s recently adopted Policy Guide on Security

The Roundtable prepared the following “Safer By Design” Commitment statement, which the APA Virginia Board endorsed at its June 2005 meeting.  By standing by this commitment with allied organizations, APA Virginia encourages its members to find appropriate ways to translate this statement into planning practice in Virginia. 

Safer By Design Mission Statement/Statement of Commitment

The Safer By Design Coalition believes in making places safer. The Coalition is concerned with the promotion of safe, sustainable and attractive environments. We support community planning that aims to make communities safer and more livable by tackling crime and the fear of crime. Our goal is to demonstrate how good planning can contribute to crime prevention and the creation of safer places which leads to well-designed, sustainable communities.  We support the development of places which people want to occupy and use, creating a strong and positive sense of community identity and protection.

  • Virginia Crime Prevention Association
  • Henrico County Division of Police
  • Chesterfield County Police Department
  • Richmond Police Department
  • Virginia Beach Police Department
  • Roanoke Police Department
  • Norfolk Police Department
  • Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services
  • Virginia Department Conservation and Recreation
  • Virginia Office of the Uniform Statewide Building Code
  • Virginia Main Street Program
  • Virginia State Fire Marshall
  • U.S. Department of Justice - Bureau of Justice Assistance
  • National Crime Prevention Council
  • American Planning Association - Virginia Chapter
  • American Institute of Architects - Virginia Society
  • American Society of Landscape Architects - National and Virginia Chapter
  • National Fire Protection Association
  • Illuminating Engineers Society of North America
  • International Association of Chiefs of Police
  • International CPTED Association
  • International Society of Aborculture
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